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ATS & AMF Panel

Special Modules are implanted in these panels to achieve required function of automation where alternate power supplies are available to be used.

Auto Start Panel initiates Gen Set to start to take load failure of city source. Providing all protection to Gen Set with all Comprehensive measurement capabilities.


Auto Transfer switch transfer load to Gen set or city source according to operational Sequence Programmed. These Panels can be supplied with manual overside system


This system compromises on an alternator standard control panel with MCM (microprocessor control module) and a changeover system housed in a separate wall hanging or freestanding panel. It has an auto sensing system to start the Generator and switch the load to Generator quickly. It has different kind of indications and trapping systems. These panels can also be incorporated in the Main LT Panels or in Sub Main Panels. It makes easy for the transfer of power without any Shutdown



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