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Automatic Star Delta Panel (ASD)

A three-phase automatic star/delta starter with variable time delay and over-current/no-volt protection mounted in a enclosure. For use three-phase, two phase or single phase motor. Star-Delta Motor starters are used where application have heavy duty and the current used is high. To enable motor to start with low current, this starter passes low voltage to the motor while one starts in tin 'Star' position. Once the motor attains its rated speed the starter then is taken to 'Delta' position and it releases the full voltage thus enabling motor to now run to its full capacity.

Change from 'Star' to 'Delta' is either done manually or automatically (using Time Relay) depending on the model you choose We manufacture both Manual Star-Delta and Automatic Star-Delta Starters. Manual Star-Delta uses very accessible handle to switch the motor from 'Star' to 'Delta' phase. Range goes up to 500 H.P.

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