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 L.T Switch Gear Panels
 Power Factor Improvement
 Motor Control Center
 Power Distribution Panel
 Light Distribution Panel
 Automatic Star Delta Panel
 Direct On Line Panel
 PLC Panel
 ATS & AMF Panel
 Desk Panel
 Stainless Steel Panel
 Bus Duct
 Meter Panel
 Door Phone Box


To strengthen company’s ability in all and every aspects such as productivity, competition, efficiency,
profit and prosperity, BEST missions and visions are as follows:


To make BEST as a brand image both in the national and international market.
To pursue and maintain the highest quality products.
To increase the prosperity of employees and shareholders.
To conduct business in ethical manners.


To improve the product’s technology, to promote and boost the product’s performance
To continuously increase products and service qualities.
To expand and enlarge the market’s potential.
To compete in healthy and professional manner

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